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   OnPrem SIP Trunking or Hosted PBX  Since the time SIP was commercialised, there has been  (more...)

   CounterPaths Unacceptable Move  As the new decade rolls around, the developers of softphone X-Lite  (more...)

   DoH Erodes Privacy  Mozilla. through firefox is, as of the end of September, going to be forcing  (more...)

   PBX Price Crazyness  In some of my previous posts, I've shown examples and given recommendations  (more...)

   NBN And Emergency Lift Phones, Alarms, And Other Fixed Diallers  Emergency phones like those in  (more...)

   NBN And PABX Phone Systems  So your business is running an old analog multi-line PABX that you've  (more...)

   NBN and Multiple Phone Outlets  Australia's NBN, how it will affect your existing landline phones when  (more...)

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