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Ausics provides Primary and/or Secondary DNS and MX services, hosts Websites and Mirrors for several Open Source Projects (Netfilter, LDP, etc), along with some Community based Websites. Ausics.Net also provides local Member accounts to independent Open Source Developers, and of course, our friends.

Our servers are located in Brisbane Australia and run Slackware, one of the very original and oldest surviving Linux distributions, that was later even used as a base for newer distros - Red Hat and Debian, it's rock solid stability, reliability and performance, with security updates for typically over five years (and not splitting packages into several mini packages by staying as close and true to form with upstream (the original software developers)) has shown its resiliency.

Ausics.Net is a free and non-commercial hobbyist service, it's maintained by only a small number of people who may or may not have a life, so just in case, please be patient if you contact us.